Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just two more days

Good Morning,

The days are getting a little better for us. We have been so busy getting thing in order in Tennessee with the house that we just fall into bed at night with exhaustion. Having to get up at 5:30 every morning to get Miranda up for school is really not my cup of tea. Has been many years since I done this, The good thing though is she is very easy to get up. We are taking a little road trip this weekend over to Memphis to visit Darrells sister. Will be good to get away for a few days.

We have been painting the house and getting ready to put down some laminate flooring. My brother gave Miranda an above ground pool so I guess we will be putting it up real soon. Feels good to have young kids around in the evenings.

It doesn't seem possible my baby has been gone for a month. Time goes by so fast. My nephew brought me a song the day we buried her and it is so perfect. If you get a chance to hear it the name is sis's song by Alen Jackson. We called Stacey sis all her life and it seems as if the song was wrote just for her and it came out in March. I tried to find it to put on my blog but I guess it is to new.

Don't forget there are just two more day to sign up for our wonderful give away. Spread the word. Since I will be away this weekend I will draw a winner on Monday.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I have loved all the messages I have received from so many caring friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just trying to get through

Good Morning to all.
Decided it is time for me to try to write a little update to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers you have sent our way and for all the comments and emails, It is so amazing how people reach out to you from across the world, It really feels good.
Our world has taken a 90 degree turn. We are now parents to our sweet granddaughter. Darrell and I have been very involved in raising her since birth and I think this has made it so much easier for us to step in. She is a freshman in high school and we have decided with the loss of her Mother to not make any more drastic changes in her life for now so we are moving to Tennessee to live with her. We will spend our summer and holidays in West Virginia. This will keep her in her school and with her friends. Our son and family are there also which will help us to. We need to all be together at this time.
As I have told you before we live in a very small town in WV. Stacey was laid to rest in our family cemetery on the mountain behind the property where I was raised. Where my parents and family are buried and where Darrell and I will be also. I will share this with you in the summer when everything is green and beautiful.
To Bury one of your children is not the way it is suppose to be and it is the hardest thing, I think Darrell and I will ever face in our life. Your life changes in the time you can blink your eyes and you are on another path. With the help of our lord and family we will go on.
I can look back to the past now and see so many things that I thought were important at the time that just don't matter anymore. The material things in our life are not important as in the end the memories are all we have. Please remember this and spend as much time making memories with your family as you possible can. Please comtinue to pray for us as we will now be raising a teenager. She is the light in our life. We also have another who is just 3 years old and we will get to spend more time with her.
I have closed my etsy and ebay sites for a while. We will have very limited shipping from the website until the first of June. After the summer we will have enough moved to Tennessee to continue our business from there.
Again, please know how much I appreciate hearing from all of you.
Judy, Darrell and Miranda