Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Candy Class

Wanted to let you take a little peak at a Candy making class we has last evening. I had a retail shop for 12 years in the 80ies and early 90ies and candy supplies was our main business, I taught classes 2 or 3 day a week during the fall and winter. When I closed my shop my sister took over the selling of supplies in her general merchandise store. I have continued to make candy every years for the holidays for family and friends, Decided this year to teach again, We had a class yesterday and I thought I would share with you. Had 12 ladies to join us and we had a great class. Making candy and enjoying company.

We made:
chocolate covered cherries
peppermint patties
maple nut
cocoanut bon bons
resses cups
choc, Carmel and nut pretzels
and learned to use choc. molds.

We are going to meet again next Monday to make Carmel, nut and choc, apples. and choc. and peanut butter fudge.

If any of you ladies would like the recipes we use just let me know and I will email them to you direct.
The first two picture shows the set up before we got started, and the others show all the fun we had. Forgot to take a picture after we did all the choc. dipping. Will try to get it next time.
Hope you are having a great week. Love to hear from you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to Pink Saturday

Good Morning, Hope you all have had a wonderful week, We are quickly approaching winter here in the mountains, Has been cold and rainy the last few days, I don't mind the cold but I DO NOT like the snow to be so much I can't get out. Lets hope for a very mild winter.

OK! so much for the weather on to Pink Saturday, Be sure you visit Beverly and on to all the other blogs we have this week. Just click on the little pink lady on the left and you are on your way.

It is getting harder each week to stay with the pink but thought I would share a few more of my dolls with you. My favorite ones are the Victorian Ladies and the most special one I have you will see today. On to the show:

This beautiful Victorian Lady and her daughter have been in my collection for about 15 years, She comes from the Franklin Mint, Stands about 20" tall. Has a Gibson girl hair do. Guess they are ready for a party.

This Beautiful Victorian Lady is from the same series, Can you imagine being dressed this way with a baby, Guess she is ready for the party and the Nanny will be keeping the little one. She to is about 20" tall and of course dressed in Pink.

This is the most special doll in my collection, It is also from the Franklin Mint. Jesus spending time with the children of the world. We try so hard to teach out children the wonderful thing about our Lord and Savior. I have had this one for about 12 years and he hold a special place in my home.

We have so many beautiful blogs who precipitate now, it is hard to visit them all but we try . Hope you have a great day browsing and a wonderful week ahead.
Hugs: Judy

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Received the Marie Antoinette Award

Marie Antoinette Award- a real person, a real award! Special thanks to Melissa @ adored before for giving me this award.
Here are the Rules for the Award:
1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you recieved the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.
These are all ladies I admire and you will too!
1. Miss Katie at rose breeze boutique
4. Dawn at dawnsdaybreak
5. Janet at Gracefulrose
7. Jacalyn at rembathproducts
Enjoy your visit to all the blogs.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

Can you hear me singing? Almost Heavennnnnnnnn, West Virginiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Took a little ride down to the lake yesterday evening to get a few pictures to share our fall season with you. We are only about 1/2 mile from the R.D. Bailey lake, Was built for flood control and gives our little neighborhood a lot of recreation.
The leaves still don't have a lot of color so I will plan to go back in a couple weeks and take the same shots for you again so you can compare. It is wonderful to see the different parts of our glorious Country. Be sure and share yours with us.

Hope you are enjoying your fall season in your part of the country.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kathy is having a wonderful giveaway

A wonderful blogger friend Kathy is having a fabulous give away this week , Be sure you stop over for a visit and register your name.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hey Girls!

Here I am again late Friday night putting together my post for Pink Saturday. I won't keep you long as you have a lot of blogs to visit this week. Click on the little pink lady on the left and she will take you on a visit to Beverly so you can browse through all the Pink.

I have shared a lot of the painting we do in our studio with you over the weeks. We work in a lot of different mediums so thought this week I would share a little of the altered art designs we make.

This first one is a vintage ladies Victorian shoe. We have covered it with vintage lace, ribbons and flowers. I love these. My first one was from my Mom and one she had worn as a young lady. I have it on display in my home.

This piece is a large hat box. We have decorated her with the bust of a beautiful porcelain doll which I purchase from a lady in Canada, She is surrounded with Roses, vintage lace, ribbons and more.
This one is a Vintage Church Hymnal, Decorated the same way.
This is a large strawberry sachet, filled with lavender, great to hand on a door knob or your bed post.
This one is a sweet little decorated hand mirror to use in your bedroom or bath.

You will find most all of these for sale when you visit our web site. www.vintagetochic

I hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy your visit to all the ladies today.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Pink Saturday


Welcome to another pink Saturday, Can't remember how many weeks this makes us but sure are amazed at how many ladies we have had to join, Won't keep you long as you got a lot to visit, Just click on the little lady to the left and it will take you over to visit Beverly and from her you can visit all the other blogs and see all the pink goodies and let everyone know you were by for a visit.

My post today is not all pink, I am running out of pink like a lot of others so just thought I would share. I have had this dresser for months to work on for an Aunt of mine and I finally finished it today, She wanted something besides roses on it so I decided to paint soft pastel Hydrangeas, As usual I forgot to take a before picture. Sure hope you like it.

This next piece is a creation from out wood shop. I love lace table cloths and have so many, I wanted some way to store them and also to enjoy so Darrell made me a stand for them. He took a stand we make for quilts and cut it down in size to hold my tablecloths, Can also be used in the bathroom to hold towels. I finished this one this week and it will be for sale on my web site. Hope you like it.

Hope you enjoy visiting all the ladies today. Our mountains are beautiful this time of year, We have a big 4-wheeler rally in our little town this weekend so have tourist from all over the country. Let me know you were by today , I love to hear from you.

Be sure you visit the web site as we have a give away going on.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hard at Work

Hi, As you can see from my post It is very hard fro me to get to a daily post. I stay so busy, with working on merchandise for my web site, getting ready for a couple fall Craft fairs and all the puter stuff you have to do to run a web site I really fill like I meet myself coming and going. Have been working on lamps along with a few other things this week. Thought I would share a few of them with you. We found some of the most amazing small table lamps in our hunt through the old house. Darrell and I decided to turn them into candle lamps, He added new wiring to each one. The first one I added a beautiful purple feather shade I got from a blogger friend, Stephanie, I think is is really shabby and awesome.

This one I added the little pink beaded shade to that I also got from Steph. Included the extra beaded cover on it.
This is a beautiful vintage china plate that we added a glass pedestal and cover to.
This is the same but for all you lovers of black. You can find all of these items on my web site.
Got another wonderful new piece I will wait for Pink Saturday to share with you.
Our fall is just about in full swing in the mountains, My deck is covered with leaves. To much work to blow it off every day. Time to bring my plants inside and cover the deck furniture. I love it when we first turn the heat on for the season and it is so toasty in the house, A kettle of Vegetable soup and I am in heaven.
Hope you are enjoying your fall season.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pink Saturday

Good Morning,
We all have so many blogs to visit today so I won't keep you long. A couple months ago I had this little piece on my blogs as a What Is It. I found it in my hunt in the old house and had no idea what it was, Well the world responded and it turned out to be a drink dispenser. Not what I needed so I decided to paint it Pink, of course, and turn it into a lotion or soap dispenser. It turned out beautiful and I love it. It will be for sale on my Web site.
I am sure when our host Beverly started this Pink Saturday, she never thought there would be so many to join. It is amazing and wonderful. Be sure you stop by and visit as many as you can this week. Just click on the little pink lady to the left and she will transport you to Beverly where you can visit the others.
I have been in the studio this week getting a little painting done. This beautiful piece is a cake carrier I finished this week. There was one featured in one of the leading magazines this past month and it has stirred the interest in them again. Have sold a couple in the last few weeks and customers asking for them. I have decided to offer about all of mine on a glass plate as this makes them much more serviceable. You will find this one for sale on ebay right now.

Well I have some awful house cleaning to do today, would rather be crafting, so hope you enjoy your day and stop by again real soon.
Be sure and scroll on down and see the beautiful spider web from my yard this week

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello and thanks for stopping by to join us for our second Friday sale Day. We have a wonderful blogger friend, Rhea who has been gracious enough to put the sale together for all of us. Be sure you visit her blog where you will find a link to all the wonderful sellers who will be offering you fabulous merchandise at great prices today. Just click on the little picture on the left of the blog that says Friday Sale.

I have decided to link my items to my web site, vintagetochic, so it will be easier for you to purchase an item or to purchase multiple items. Our postage regulator is on the web site to give you the postage. With the rates today it is almost impossible to get the postage correct for the complete United States. Please be assured you will always pay only the exact amount of postage. If you are using paypal your postage will be refunded and if you are using a credit card you will only be charged the exact amount of postage.

I have chosen a mix of merchandise for you to browse. You will be able to click in the description, where it tells you, and it will take you to vintagetochic where you may purchase and also be able to check out all the fabulous items we have for sale. We take pride in the number of items we offer for sale at all times. You will find over 200 items for sale.

Well with all that out of the way lets get on to the show.

Our first item for you viewing is a beautiful vintage gravy boat, Just click here and you will be transported over to our Flee Market category where you will get a complete description and pictures. The cost on this one is only $8.95.
Next is a beautiful vintage china creamer and sugar bowl. Again, here is the link that will give you all the details. The cost of this one is only $15.95 for the set.
This awesome design comes to you from our studio. Crafted from a vintage china plate and glass base. We completed the design by adding a beautiful glass dome cover. Click here for all the details. Cost is only $ 24.95 for this one.
Another beautiful vintage creamer and sugar bowl. Click here for all the details. Cost is only $11.95 for this set.
Another awesome design from our studio, Vintage china Plate and cover, Click here for all the details. Cost for this one is only $24.95.
This is one of the sweetest design I have found in a long time. A beautiful cheese plate and cover that looks just like a ladies straw hat on your table. Click here for all the details and the cost is only $12.95 .
This is a beautiful vintage jewelry box to sit on your dresser to hold your favorite pieces or pack it along when you travel. Click here for all the details and the cost is only $14.95.
Here is a small version of a beautiful vintage jewelry box, Click here for all the details and the cost is only $12.95.
Also when you visit our web site you will find a contest we are running for the month of October, Just check on the home page. We are giving away a gift certificate for $25.00 to our web site. To enter you can make a purchase, sign up for our news letter of leave a comment on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you and having you visit us at vintagetochic.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You have to See This

When I walked out of the house this morning and saw this beautiful site I knew I had to get the camera and share it with you. We had rain last night and this morning so the water on the web made it show up so well. Standing on my front porch this tall pine tree is about 25 feet out in my yard. The spider had spun this awesome site off the tree but it looks like it is just hanging in mid air. It is about 3' across. The building behind it is a least 100 feet away, even though is looks as thought it is right behind the web. I hope I have explained it correctly. Our weather has been in the 50ies this week and we have the heat on.
I love it when it first gets cold enough to turn the heat on as the house feels so toasty. And even better I have beef stew in the crock pot today and the house smells wonderful. Going to make some corn muffins to go with it. Can't wait for supper. Hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am.

Don't forget about our Friday Sale Day. Come by for a visit and to browse the great flee market finds.