Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Beautiful Daughter

It is with so much sadness that I try to write this, My beautiful daughter Stacey passed away yesterday from complications of Diabetes and other sickness, She was just 36 years old, My heart is broken and don't know how I will go on, She has a daughter Miranda who is just 15 years, With the help of my Lord, Family and friends I hope to get through the next few days. We will then move to Tennessee for a period of time to keep Miranda in her school. Please prey for my family, I only had she and her brother and two beautiful granddaughters. I don't know when I will be back on to blog again so I thank you in advance for your prayers. Please, Please, tell your family how much you love them and enjoy every minute you have, Life changes in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Hydrangea designs

Good Morning, Good Morninggggggg! The sun is shining and the birds are singing, I think Darrell and I will start on cleaning the yard and deck this week end, Can't wait to get it done. My bleeding heart bushes are coming up in the front yard. I love the Spring.
The hydrangea designs have been selling very well for me the last month so I am in full swing to find new items to paint them on. Wanted to share these new designs with you. The first is a set of charger plates with the beautiful hydrangea painted all over them and we have included glass plates to go with them. They are sold individually as you can use it for a serving dish on the buffet. We have four available and you can find them on the web site or on Etsy.

This next piece is a plate shelf with pegs underneath. It has the groves across the shelf to set the plates in, It is very hard to picture a shelf unless it is on the wall. You will also find it for sale.

This last piece I just had to share with you. It is from my weekend junkin trip. The sweetest little creamer with hand painted roses on the front and back. You will also find it for sale.
I hope you are having wonderful weather today and have a great day planed. Come visit me often and let me know you stopped by.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Junkin Weekend

We went to Tennessee this weekend to visit our Kids and deliver a vehicle to our son. Wish you could have come along to hit the yard sales and the flee market. They live in the Gatlinburg area and the Dumplin Valley flee market is one of the largest in the state of Tenn. I am sorry I didn't take any picts. at the market, Next time I will. Has probably over 200 vendors and draws about 15 to 20,000 people on the weekend.

We hit some yard sales on Friday and I found a few really great deals, lace doilies, chenille bedspread, lace mantel scarf and a few other things,

At the flee market on Saturday I found the glass ware you see in the pictures, Four absolutely gorgeous McCoy cookie jars in near to Excellent condition and a vintage limoge tea service. They will all be for sale on my web site and on Etsy. Be sure you come take a peak.

Found two cake covers with glass plates that I will paint on.

Have three Mama Cookie Jars and Goldilocks.
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Hope you have a great week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink Saturday rolls around

Instead of posting something new today I have decided to leave the post for my give away at the top for a few days to give you all a chance to join in on all the fun and help us celebrate two wonderful years on our web site, We are Haveing a give away to show our appreciation to all our customers and friends who have help make this venture a success. Spread the word and if you add a link to the side of your blog you can have two entries into the drawing just be sure and let me know you have added it.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Give Away, come join us

Join us in our celebration of spring and two wonderful years on our web site, We are so grateful to our customers to have made our venture a success and to all the wonderful friends we have made in the last two years. We are going to give away this beautiful Victorian decorated box and the surprises you will find inside. Drawing will be on April 30, 2009. We will choose the winner by drawing a number,
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This beautiful box is 8 by 13" and decorated with a beautiful cherub, vintage lace, ribbon, vintage jewelry and more, and you will receive a wonderful surprise inside. Winner will be announced here on my blog and on my web site.
I hope you join the fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help Me name Her

Well I finally decided to get a house cat, Has been many years since I had one in the house, When Stacey, my daughter was very young her Dad brought a little black kitten home from work one day in his hat, She named him Booger and we had him for years, She treated him like a doll and would dress him in doll clothes, I think that was the last one we had in the house,

We have traveled extensively in the last 10 years with the craft shows so was very hard to have a house pet. We have decided to not work the shows now so will be home more. Decided to get a kitten for company, Was a little hard to talk Darrell into it but he is so good to me he always gives in.

He brought him home from Tenn. last week. She came from a litter at my sons house, She is mixed breed but looks Siamese. Very pretty. She has been very scared and hid in the house for the first 3 days, She is house broke, which is great, Came out at night to eat and use the litter box. She is getting better every day and likes Darrell better than Me. Every time he sits down she is on his lap to be loved and will nudge his hand to pet her.

We haven't decided what to name her. If you have any suggestions let me know.

The other morning we spent hours in the house with the flash light looking for her. Later in the day when we found her she was up on the dining room chair under the dining table.

This is her favorite place to be.

Help me Name Her!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink Saturday in March

Hey! I have been missing in action this week and have had no time for the puter, I apologize, We had a family function last Sunday which I will blog about later this week and my Aunt stayed the week with me. Had been a while since she visited, My Mom came from a family of 8 girls and only 3 are left. I enjoyed her visit very much, She loves to craft as much as I do, I guess I inherited some of it from her. She left yesterday so I got a little time to work today.

Decided to finish some strawberry sachets I had started. I love making these, they are about 8" long and have a ribbon on the top to hand. Has a cup of sweet lavender buds in each one and are decorated beautifully. One is decorated in the pinks and one in yellow. You will find these for sale on Etsy and on the web site.

This is a beautiful little plate with a handle which I believe is called a nappy, If you know for sure let me know. I purchased it at a estate auction a few weeks ago. It is covered with the most gorgeous hand painted roses. you will also find it for sale.

And last but not least is a beautiful swan planter with the most delicate pink roses attached. I also have a collection of swans which I will share with you sometime. Hey! I told you I am an everything collector.

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I hope you have a wonderful week

Saturday, March 7, 2009

pink Saturday

Thought you would like to see what I have been working on the last couple days. A gorgeous PINK Minnie Mouse. When Miranda, my gd who is now 15 was about 2 she had Minnie mouse sheets for her bed, I took a picture from the pillow case and enlarged it to make a sign for her door, She still has hers hanging in her room. Since then I have made to many to count and always make either Minnie or Mickey when we have a new baby in the family. Have also sold them for years, this week I have been working on some that my nephew and his wife are using for gifts. So what could be better to show you for pink Saturday.

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Hope you have a wonderful pink week

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A walk Down Memory Lane

This week has brought back memories from my past. Have you seen or used one of these, it is a butter mold. I come from a family of seven children, We were raised with growing our own food and having live stock even though we did not live on a farm. We always had a milk Cow, Have you ever tried to Milk a cow? I never could get any milk when I tried, My sister could. Neither did I like fresh milk and still don't, nor fresh butter, I prefer margarine, I wasn't to fond of the cow either as Sheila, my sister and I were responsible for having her to the barn two time a day to be milked. Had to go to the mountains with the dog and bring her in. Every morning and every evening,

My MOM did most of the milking, She would make buttermilk and churn butter, Sitting for hours pushing the dasher up and down in the churn to make butter was a real choir. Now, I look back to it as good times, Mom would put the butter in this butter mold along with others. When it harden you would push the plunger to get it out and it had the design in the top of the butter. This has been used in our home many many times, She would sell fresh butter and milk to neighbors, I did like the home made cottage cheese Mom would make, She would put it in a cloth and hang on the clothes line outside to drain. If you are not a country girl then you probably don't know what I am talking about, Yes we had a clothes line in the yard where we hung clothes to dry. No automatic washer or dryer. Washer was the old wringer style and the washing was done once a week.

I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood. Of course then I thought it was hard but now I know just how wonderful it was, We who were raised this way and in the country will always be able to survive no matter how bad this Economy gets.

My Dad was in the trucking business and ran a salvage yard for automobiles, This is a picture of his first Truck in the 40"s. He hauled hay from Ohio in the winter to sell and hauled watermelons from the south in the summer, My son took this old black and white photo and using the computer he colored it, so you can see both versions.

I guess the family memories have been strong these last few days as we are having a family affair this weekend, One of my older brothers, David and his wife Connie are renewing their wedding ceremony this Sunday at our Church. Hopefully all my brothers and sisters will be there.
I hope you have wonderful memories of your childhood and will share then with us.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets get started

Good Morning and It is so colddddddd here today, Can't wait for spring and the birds to sing and the flowers to bloom.

Well! on to the show. I am determined to keep my blog up to date. I am going to be looking everywhere for things to blog about. I am going to start this show with showing you more of my doll collection. I have so many, probably over 100 all over my home, I stopped collecting a few years ago as I ran out of room to put them and if I am collecting something I want them out to enjoy and when I no longer have the room it is time to stop.

This little picture tells it all. My older sister gave it to me some years ago and it is so true. I am an everything collector as you will see over this year. Darrell has always teased me as one of my favorite thing to do is peek inside other homes to see how they are decorated, Share your collections with us and let me take a peek.

This Curio Cabinet is in one end of my family room and as you can see is full of dolls and Beany Babies , But then they are another story.

This is a series of bride dolls. The story is, the first Bride is when the lady was married in the 1920's. I think this bride is the one in the middle, twenty years later her daughter was married and they refashioned the dress for her wedding and she is on the left and the date would be in the 1940's. Then in the 1960's her daughter refashioned the same dress and wore it again and she is on the right. This would be in the Jackie Kennedy era and you can tell this from the design of her dress. I missed buying the last one, and I don't know why. She would be from the 1980's.

She is the bride from the 1940's

She is the bride from the 1920's

She is the bride from the 1960's

This shows the back of the dress.
I think this series came from the Franklin Mint but not sure, Of course when you collect you have to keep the boxes which I have tried to do so most of the certificates and papers are packed away in the boxes, I have one more bride from another series and will share her with you later.
Be sure and come back over to visit.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the pampered pooch

Talked about a pampered pooch, this is the ultimate, We have been making these for years, Made some this week so reminded me I have never shared them with you. A beautiful hand crafted feeder form our wood shop, painted with roses, hydrangea or fruit. Sometimes the customer will order to suit the room they are putting it in.
This one comes with two stainless steel bowls and has roses painted on it.
This is a smaller version for the tiny pooch or Kitty.
And this is for the TOP DOG and is personalized. I have one leaving tomorrow for a sweet little pooch in Texas named Lily, Hope she likes it. You will find these for sale on our web site and on Etsy.

Come visit again real soon, Going to show you a little more of my doll collection tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baking cookies with MaMaw

This little sweetie is my youngest granddaughter Madison, She is 4 years old. We were visiting them in Tenn, in early February and she and I decided to bake our first cookies, I rolled the dough for her and she cut them out, It was near valentines day so we used hearts, The most fun was the decorating, We made different colors of icing and of course sprinkles, She couldn't wait to get them finishes so as she decorated each one she took a bite, When her Dad came home from work she had a plate of cookies waiting for him with a bite out of each one, LOL

She and her Mom have made cookies a couple times since then, These are memories both she and I will have forever, They grow up so fast and in the end memories are all we have, She and Miranda are the only ones I have. Maybe someday I will get a grandson.

After we finished with the cookies she wanted to play dress up and paint our nails, She painted mine, A real master piece as you can see.

Hope you have grandchildren that you enjoy as much as I do mine, When they call for Mamaw, my heart melts. Just wish we lived closer to each other so I could see them every day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Birthday was this week

Well! when you reach my age, birthdays are something you tend to forget, I am just 39 and holding. lol! We have never been big in our family to celebrate birthdays except for the children, I had one this pasted Thursday the 26 and I am not going to tell you how old I am but just say I am old enough and now will go in reverse. To my surprise I received this sweet gift from a wonderful on line friend from our ebay group called My Romantic Home, Kattie makes the most beautiful favors using tea bags which you can use to make a cup of tea, no one will be using mine as they are to pretty, They will be on a little plate on the buffet, I will enjoy them and think of my sweet friend each time I see them.

She makes them for all occasions and special orders so go by and visit her and see what she has to offer, Visit her at Kattie tea roses. Tell her Judy Sent you.

I have decided to try to take a little more time on my blog so come visit me often. I plan to share some of the vintage things I have in my home and keep you up to date as to how our shop is coming along, I hope to have it open By June first.