Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets get started

Good Morning and It is so colddddddd here today, Can't wait for spring and the birds to sing and the flowers to bloom.

Well! on to the show. I am determined to keep my blog up to date. I am going to be looking everywhere for things to blog about. I am going to start this show with showing you more of my doll collection. I have so many, probably over 100 all over my home, I stopped collecting a few years ago as I ran out of room to put them and if I am collecting something I want them out to enjoy and when I no longer have the room it is time to stop.

This little picture tells it all. My older sister gave it to me some years ago and it is so true. I am an everything collector as you will see over this year. Darrell has always teased me as one of my favorite thing to do is peek inside other homes to see how they are decorated, Share your collections with us and let me take a peek.

This Curio Cabinet is in one end of my family room and as you can see is full of dolls and Beany Babies , But then they are another story.

This is a series of bride dolls. The story is, the first Bride is when the lady was married in the 1920's. I think this bride is the one in the middle, twenty years later her daughter was married and they refashioned the dress for her wedding and she is on the left and the date would be in the 1940's. Then in the 1960's her daughter refashioned the same dress and wore it again and she is on the right. This would be in the Jackie Kennedy era and you can tell this from the design of her dress. I missed buying the last one, and I don't know why. She would be from the 1980's.

She is the bride from the 1940's

She is the bride from the 1920's

She is the bride from the 1960's

This shows the back of the dress.
I think this series came from the Franklin Mint but not sure, Of course when you collect you have to keep the boxes which I have tried to do so most of the certificates and papers are packed away in the boxes, I have one more bride from another series and will share her with you later.
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Jennifer said...

Judy Your Doll collection is just beautful.I love the brides!My mother in law has lots of dolls too.Two rooms full,you would love them.I wonder if she has the same set as you?I will have to check.Hugs,Jen

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So pretty. I love dolls too, esp. bride dolls!

Katie said...

My goodness Judy those dolls' gowns are just beautiful!

vickie said...

Judy, these dolls are beautiful, I loved reading about your early family memories. My aunt had a dairy farm, Grade A, they worked so hard, I could never milk a cow either, just didn't have the right touch I guess!