Monday, March 2, 2009

Baking cookies with MaMaw

This little sweetie is my youngest granddaughter Madison, She is 4 years old. We were visiting them in Tenn, in early February and she and I decided to bake our first cookies, I rolled the dough for her and she cut them out, It was near valentines day so we used hearts, The most fun was the decorating, We made different colors of icing and of course sprinkles, She couldn't wait to get them finishes so as she decorated each one she took a bite, When her Dad came home from work she had a plate of cookies waiting for him with a bite out of each one, LOL

She and her Mom have made cookies a couple times since then, These are memories both she and I will have forever, They grow up so fast and in the end memories are all we have, She and Miranda are the only ones I have. Maybe someday I will get a grandson.

After we finished with the cookies she wanted to play dress up and paint our nails, She painted mine, A real master piece as you can see.

Hope you have grandchildren that you enjoy as much as I do mine, When they call for Mamaw, my heart melts. Just wish we lived closer to each other so I could see them every day.


Connie said...

I had to laugh at the "painted toes", honey. Looks like it might have "hurt", chickee. The "Slasher" strikes again!! LOL LOL So darling and cute that she wanted to paint the toesies!

Wanda said...

I am so glad you stopped by, it was a lovely visit. I have no young grand children at this time, but I remember such occasions with my daughter. We must enjoy them while they are young as they grow so fast. Cheers

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Wow Judy she is a cutie patootie !

I just loveeeeeeeeee your toenails too !!!

I understand what you mean about being closer to the grand kids.

I wish I lived closer too mine.
My grand daughters call me Mega, the eldest one called me that from a very young age when she was just starting to talk and it has stuck !

Mona ♥

Jennifer said...

Judy, Madison Is a sweetie.Love the joy on her face over her cookie and the toe nails are just too cute!Hugs,Jen

Dresden Plate said...

What fun! I love the toes! Grandchildren are so very precious, arent they.

Sharon said...

She's so cute, what a happy child. Great memories too.

Myra said...

Oh, Judy! how cute is that! I only have grandsons (2) and they are 26 and 31. Neither one married and doesn't look they will be anytime soon! dadgumit! I have pictures of baking cookies with both of mine. I wish I knew how to include pictures on here so I could show you mine, too. Mine have always called me grandma, but the youngest one has for some reason started just recently to call me Granny. Which I actually think is kinda' cute. I think the cutest name I've ever heard a grandmother called is my sister's. When her oldest grandchild was born the son and daughter-in-law wanted everyone to choose a name for themselves to be called. There are steps and step-in-laws, so there were lots of names going around. My sister finally decided on Gram. When her grandson started talking the first thing he called her was "Gee"(hard g and rhymes with see) She now has 6 grandchildren and that's still what they all call her. Sorry I rambled on so much! Myra