Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pink Saturday

Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by to join in on Pink Saturday, I have so enjoyed this, and It is amazing how many pink items we can find around the house when you are really looking. Be sure you stop by and visit Beverly and everyone who is participating this week. Is is growing every week. Leave a comment and let me know you came to visit and it will also enter your name in our monthly give away.

First I am sharing a new piece I painted this week.. A lovely vintage brass tub that I paint white with pink inside and of course Pink Roses. You can find this one for sale at

I had totally forgot that I have a black and pink Bathroom. The Victorian couple I have had for about 30 years and they sit on the back of my bathtub. The Doll sits on a pink (of course) chair beside my shower to hold towels. She was left to me by my sweet MOM. She was a doll collector and now I am. Mom brought her from California in the 80's. I call her Bar room Annie as she is all boobs!
The beautiful little pink angel has been mine for about as long. When I had my craft shop in the 70's I had a lady who use to make ceramic pieces for me and this is one of her creations, I did have a set but one got broke as the kids were growing up. I have lost a lot of pieces to the kids as most of us have of they are glued together. OH Well! The joys of life. The kids are worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and let me know you visited.

Friday, June 27, 2008

My Mink Teddy Bear

I have been to busy as usual this week. I have a very high energy level and stay busy all the time. If I am not working on something in my studio then I am working on something in the house. My house is very large, way more than Darrell and I need so have a lot of up keep. Would love to downsize to a smaller place but where we live it is very hard to sell. Property here is passed from generation to generation. Sure don't need all the upkeep as we get older.

Well on to the good stuff, Like I have been telling you we found a little of everything in the old house we have been cleaning, Thank God we are finished with the cleaning, Found this Mink Stole and it reminded me of the little mink teddy bear I have. My Mom had a mink stole years ago that a sister had given her, She gave it to me and I took it to a lady who worked the Gatlinburg craft fair with me, Can't remember her name. She made in into a teddy bear for me. He now sits on a bed in a guest room. Just goes to show you everything has a purpose. I love turning something old in to something new again.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Give Away

Good Evening, Finally getting around to posting this week. Have been trying to get new merchandise on the web site. As of today we are starting our new give-away. This beautiful milk glass basket is a vintage piece from Kanawha glass company that was located in Dunbar ,W.V. To get in on the fun just leave a comment here on the blog or make a purchase from our web site. So Simple, Our last winner was Birtie from Michigan. We will have this drawing on July 31, 2008. Each comment will give you one chance and each purchase will give you one chance. Be sure and remember to come by often and leave your comments. Let your friends know so they to can get in on the fun.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Artie Y Pico Award


Oh...Look what has come my way via Shirl from Shirls Rose Cottage ...I had the honor and privilege of receiving the Arte Y Pico award from Shirl. Such an Honor and privilege and thank you SO much Shirl! I have met so many wonderful new friends through blogging, My web site, and the chat groups. It is amazing how close you can get even though you have never met in person.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributeto the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name of and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award

4. The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5. To show these rules.Now for the fun yet very hard part... to choose5 other people for this award...The five blogs which I chose nourish me and enrich me with creativity. In them I see dedication, creativity, care, comradeship, but mainly, ART, much art. I choose..............

I will choose later this evening.

Good Afternoon

There are a few things I want to share with you today so just decided to put it all in one post.

We have been working on new designs in our studio for some time, Wanted to do some glass ware. We have our first piece finished and listed on the Web Site for sale. This beautiful center piece is made from vintage pieces of glass, ( We will have 100's of pieces of glass from the old house) There are so many designs floating around that we intend to do over the next few months. Bowls, lamps and more. Be sure you stop by for a look.

This is a beautiful piece of vintage Fenton glass that you will find on the web site.

A sweet vintage teapot that we have fashioned into a beautiful night light.

This beautiful antique fire place mantel was in the old house, We will be taking it to the Miller auction house in Claypool, Virginia to sell in the antique auction.

I have been busy all day adding items to the web site and getting some new listings for ebay.

Put a beef roast in the oven earlier for supper this evening so think I will take a break and bake some corn muffins and get ready to eat supper.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pink Saturday

Can't believe how fast this week has gone by and we are on to another pink Saturday. Be sure you visit Beverly and stop by the others who are precipitating this week. We have 35 so enjoy your visits and let them know you have stopped by. I have decided to share a couple of my treasures from the old House that I got cleaned this week. The first is a beautiful vintage piece of McCoy pottery and the second is a set of vintage pink mugs. Hope you enjoy. Got lots of work to do today so I will probably stop in later this evening and update my regular post. I am finished with my trips to the old house even though Darrell has to make one more trip, so I hope to be able to keep up with my daily post of at least a few times a week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Have a Winner

I was just about to forget the drawing I had scheduled until I started to do some work on my web site. Guess what! Miss Bertie (who says she never wins anything) of Aunt May's Cottage is the winner. She won by posting a comment on the blog. Will she be surprised. Her beautiful server will be on the way this week. I will post a new drawing prize in a few days. Be sure you come take a look and register to win. You can get an entry by a purchase from the web site or by posting a comment on the blog.

Catch up on This Old House

We came home on Thursday with another load on the 16 foot trailer. Got it unloaded and have been working on it all weekend. Can't believe the beautiful glass we have found. I have started to sell some items on ebay. Check my ebay at vintage-to-chic and see if there is something you need. We are leaving again tomorrow and hope to be completely finished by the end of the week and get the 18 wheeler home and then the real work will begin. We will be taking some merchandise to an auction in Virginia. Got to have an antique appraiser to come go over things for me after we get it sorted more. I have no idea of the value of some of the things. Will post again later in the week when we are home again.

All of this beautiful glass ware came from the old house except the clear piece on the right and Darrell created this one in our studio from vintage lamp parts. This will be a new line we are adding to the web site.

Probably have 75 to 100 pieces of vintage milk glass.

Vintage Head Vases. They are for sale on ebay this week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pink Saturday

I have decided to join Beverly of How Sweet the sound for Pink Saturday. Be sure you visit her blog and check out all the other ladies who have joined and make a new friend.

I love decorating with vintage linens, This sweet little pink doily drapes a vintage water pitcher on my dining room hutch.

This is a vintage floor lamp on the other side of the room that I added a sweet pink shade to. The decoration on the shade is a vintage dress collar.
I will be more prepared next week. Hope You enjoy this Pink Saturday.

I've Been Tagged

I've Been tagged by the sweet Birdie of Aunt Mays Cottage. Maybe more information than you want to know but here goes.

It's a get to know you tag and I need to answer 5 questions and pass it on to 5 friends.

Where Have You Traveled?
We owned a motor home for years and loved traveling, Have visited most states up and down the East Coast, Visited Calif, and Canada, Lived about 4 years in Florida when we were first married.

Where Would You like to Live? I am very happy living in the mountains of West Virginia. A very small community where everyone knows everyone else. Since My children are in Tennessee if I moved it would probably be there.

What is your decorating Style? I guess you could would call it Shabby and Victorian but if I like something I always find a place for it, I think our home shoud be what we like and enjoy and reflect this and mine does in every way.

How Many times have you been Married? Only one time, since 1969 to the most wonderful man in the world, Darrell, Can't imagine my life without him, Sometimes seems like we were born together and sometimes like just yesterday.

Favorite Color: I, like Birtie, guess it would be shades of Rose.

What is your Proudest accomplishment? Being Married for 39 years to the same man and my two children.

What would we be absolutely shocked to learn about you? Nothing real shocking here, We live a very simple and laid back life, Enjoy family and friends and my lord.

Now my Tags go to:
Kathy of Treasured Heirlooms
Katie of Rose Breeze Boutique
Rhea, of Sweet Rhea
Shirl of Shirls Rose Cottage and
Sharon of Sweet Victorian Rose.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Treasures from this old house

Found this slide show today so thought I would share some of the treasures we have found so far in our old House.

How does your Garden Grow

Good Morning,
Can't believe I am finding the time to post two day in a row. We have had heat in the 90's for the last couple days and will be this way again today. Darrell has spent the last few day getting out deck cleaned for the summer, He uses the pressure washer every year, We are really behind this year, with working on the old house. I love it when he gets it cleaned. Thought I would share our little garden with you. We have planted tomatoes, green peppers, and herbs in flower pot along the side of the deck. Have a couple small tomatoes already. Can't wait for crop to come in. We love fried green tomatoes so hard to let the first ones get ripe.

We put lettuce in the bird bath just to see how it would grow. It is doing great.

This is a clematis vine that grows at my front steps to the porch. I have great luck with then out front but haven't had much luck getting them to grow in back of the house.

This is the weeping mulberry tree in the front yard that I showed the bird nest in earlier this year befor it got full. The Robin and her little ones are up in the top of the tree.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Evening

Thought I would stop in while I have a minute and get you up to date. We have been home all this week sorting the load we brought in on the trailer. My Daughter came home from Tennessee for a couple day to bring my Granddaughter Miranda, She is going to spend about a month with us. We enjoy having her visit so much. She is a teenager now so keeps us busy trying to entertain her, She has cousins here that she loves spending time with. They are at the movies this evening and I am waiting now to go pick them up.
Will share with you a couple of my finds from this load, I have posted on ebay this week and plan to add a few auctions every day along with putting items on the web site.
This is a vintage lamp from Kanawha Glass company that was located in Dunbar, West Virginia,
closes some years ago. We found six of these in a box and all are brand new with the tags on them. Some are for candles and some are electric.

This is another of the Victorian pieces I have been working on for the web site. I got 6 finished yesterday. You can find them for sale on my web site.

This beautiful hanging lamp is from the late 60's and 70's. Excellent condition, I have it for sale on Ebay.

This was one of the really great treasures we found, It is vintage capodimonte, and a three piece set. You will find this on the web site.
We are planning to leave again Sunday evening to go work on the old house again. Will probably take us 6 or 7 more days. I hope we can get it finished and all home this time.
Come back by as I will post the treasures we find and keep you up to date on the work.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Home At Last

We are home for a few days and absolutely exhausted. This trip we were at the house for 11 days. We came home with the 14 foot trailer to unload and rest a few days. We have the 18 wheeler about 2/3 full. We are planning to return on Sat. the 7th and stay until finished. We will have the big truck full and probably 2 more loads on the 16 foot trailer.

There was a lot more in the house than I even imagined and you name it and we have found it.
We have had a wonderful crew of family and friends helping us. Darrell and I could never do it without them.

Plan to park the big trailer from the 18 wheeler on our property and open an antique and yard sale for about a month. Will probably take some of the antiques to an antique auction in Virginia where we visit sometimes.
We have found so many amazing and wonderful treasures, beautiful antique furniture. The man had no reasoning for storing things, if he brought home a table, he took it apart, The top went in one room, the legs in another and the leaf in another. So it is like working a puzzle to get everything together.
Even with my dish washer going all day I will be washing dishes for the next year.
We even found a bag of money. Old silver coins dating back to the 1800. silver dollars and more. Was under a dresser drawer in his bedroom.
I will keep you posted of the awesome items as we get them put together and cleaned up.


We got so tired at the end of the day we were slap happy. Found a box of mop heads so had part of the crew put them on for a good laugh.

This is the front room after we cleaned it out. Look at the earlier post to see what it looked like when we started.

Some of the treasures I cleaned the last two days.

Beautiful Capodimonte set. New condition.
Awesome little Liquor cabinet. Was full of liquor in decanters when we found it. Now in my dining room.
Vintage candle and electric lamps from Kanawha Glass Company in Dunbar West Virginia. Still with new tags on them. Company has been closed for many years.
Two antique tables.