Monday, June 2, 2008

Home At Last

We are home for a few days and absolutely exhausted. This trip we were at the house for 11 days. We came home with the 14 foot trailer to unload and rest a few days. We have the 18 wheeler about 2/3 full. We are planning to return on Sat. the 7th and stay until finished. We will have the big truck full and probably 2 more loads on the 16 foot trailer.

There was a lot more in the house than I even imagined and you name it and we have found it.
We have had a wonderful crew of family and friends helping us. Darrell and I could never do it without them.

Plan to park the big trailer from the 18 wheeler on our property and open an antique and yard sale for about a month. Will probably take some of the antiques to an antique auction in Virginia where we visit sometimes.
We have found so many amazing and wonderful treasures, beautiful antique furniture. The man had no reasoning for storing things, if he brought home a table, he took it apart, The top went in one room, the legs in another and the leaf in another. So it is like working a puzzle to get everything together.
Even with my dish washer going all day I will be washing dishes for the next year.
We even found a bag of money. Old silver coins dating back to the 1800. silver dollars and more. Was under a dresser drawer in his bedroom.
I will keep you posted of the awesome items as we get them put together and cleaned up.


We got so tired at the end of the day we were slap happy. Found a box of mop heads so had part of the crew put them on for a good laugh.

This is the front room after we cleaned it out. Look at the earlier post to see what it looked like when we started.

Some of the treasures I cleaned the last two days.

Beautiful Capodimonte set. New condition.
Awesome little Liquor cabinet. Was full of liquor in decanters when we found it. Now in my dining room.
Vintage candle and electric lamps from Kanawha Glass Company in Dunbar West Virginia. Still with new tags on them. Company has been closed for many years.
Two antique tables.


Connie said...

Absolutely fantastic, sweets!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a treasure trove! I love that square Victorian table. Would look perfect in my parlor! This looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you have friends to help you!

Aunt May's Cottage

vickie said...

great pictures, Judy, I love those lamps. Everything is a treasure! Especially those mops!!!