Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Evening

Thought I would stop in while I have a minute and get you up to date. We have been home all this week sorting the load we brought in on the trailer. My Daughter came home from Tennessee for a couple day to bring my Granddaughter Miranda, She is going to spend about a month with us. We enjoy having her visit so much. She is a teenager now so keeps us busy trying to entertain her, She has cousins here that she loves spending time with. They are at the movies this evening and I am waiting now to go pick them up.
Will share with you a couple of my finds from this load, I have posted on ebay this week and plan to add a few auctions every day along with putting items on the web site.
This is a vintage lamp from Kanawha Glass company that was located in Dunbar, West Virginia,
closes some years ago. We found six of these in a box and all are brand new with the tags on them. Some are for candles and some are electric.

This is another of the Victorian pieces I have been working on for the web site. I got 6 finished yesterday. You can find them for sale on my web site.

This beautiful hanging lamp is from the late 60's and 70's. Excellent condition, I have it for sale on Ebay.

This was one of the really great treasures we found, It is vintage capodimonte, and a three piece set. You will find this on the web site.
We are planning to leave again Sunday evening to go work on the old house again. Will probably take us 6 or 7 more days. I hope we can get it finished and all home this time.
Come back by as I will post the treasures we find and keep you up to date on the work.

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Lovely, Judy!