Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Furniture from this old House

Good Evening
Boy Darrell and I have really been busy this week. We brought home our first load from the old house the end of last week. We have sorted and cleaned for days and managed to get a few things made for the web site. But most of all I wanted to share the first piece of furniture with you. I decided to keep this one. It is a dining room hutch and was just inside the front door. Darrell and his brother loaded it in the trailer and you should have seen he and I trying to get it out and up on the porch. It is solid oak and weighs a ton. He took it all apart for me and I painted it a soft white, called a breath of white. I absolutely love it. Darrell got all the hardware back on today and I couldn't wait to get dishes put in it. You are getting to see the picts. of the before and after. Hope you like it.
We have decided to go back down tomorrow to work on it over the week end, I will post more pict. of the goodies we find as we get them home.
Hope you enjoy your memorial day with family.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Designs

It has been raining cats and dogs here today. We have had way to much rain this past couple weeks, going to drown my little garden if it doesn't let up soon.
After church today Darrell designed me a couple new piece and I couldn't wait to get them completed. Took some vintage silver plate items and wired them to be night light, I painted and decorated and I am very pleased with the way they turned out.
Will be on the web site right away for sale. Each is a one of a kind,

We are not going back to work on the old house until the day after memorial day. I have spent the last couple days getting things cleaned and ready to list on ebay and the web site. Will have some great items to sell. Will post picts, of other items as we find them.

Be sure you don't forget to enter the drawing for the hand painted server.
Hope you all have a blessed week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Treasures We Found

These are just a few of the treasures we unloaded and worked on today. I will be selling this stuff on ebay for the next two years and will have enough to paint on for about 5 years. See something you like let me know.

This Old House

We left on Wed, to go work on the house and planned to stay about a week but it rained all afternoon yesterday and today so we decided to bring a load home and wait until after memorial day to finish. Suppose to rain for the next 5 or 6 days. Let me tell you, there is no way I can tell you what this place looks like, but it is like opening Christmas presents to clean a room. We worked on just one room, a small kitchen about 8 by 10. We filled our trailer and you would not believe the treasures we found. These are some shots of some of the rooms so you can see how full they are. I thought there was 5 rooms but there are 7 rooms, a basement and a garage.
This is part of the attached garage.
This is the little kitchen.

This is one bedroom.

This was taken as we stepped in the front door.

This is the next room.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Have A Winner

Congratulations to Sherry from South Carolina, She is our winner for our Mothers day drawing . You have a beautiful vintage purse, custom decorated on the way. Hope you enjoy.

We will have our next drawing on June 13, one month from today. Each PURCHASE ON THE WEB SITE and Each COMMENT LEFT ON MY BLOG will put you in the drawing. Ok ladies, get busy and lets see who gets lucky. Have decided the beautiful serving dish I painted this week will be the gift for the next drawing.

Christmas in May for Me

We leave tomorrow to go to Ohio to begin the work to sort and clean out the house. I am so excited, will be like opening Christmas gifts. I will take picts. before we start as you will not believe how much stuff is in this house. I will also take picts. as we sort and pack it so you can see what we find. My brother has a trucking business so he is taking a semi box trailer down for us to load. I hope we can get it in one load with this and our pull trailer. We are going to sell right at the house as we clean it out and then bring the rest home to sell at our home and on ebay. Some will be on my web site, glass ware and such. I have already listed a couple bowls I brought home on our first trip. Won't be posting for a few days as we will probably be gone about a week.

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Holiday.

Working Hard

Worked on a couple new items this week to get listed on the web site before leaving on my trip. Wanted to share a new cake cover with you. Beautiful pink roses on white, I wish I had kept track of the number of these I have painted in the last few years, I'm sure in the 100's. They come in so many different shapes, I love the unusual ones. This one sits on a glass plate which make it a lot more serviceable. The other piece is a casserole dish I painted to match.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am in Heaven, been junkin

Hey! I am one happy lady. We went to South Point, Ohio on Saturday to look at a house where the contents were being sold to settled an estate. The man has passed away 2 year ago. never married and no children. Many relatives in the estate. He was a furniture re finisher and what we call a hoarder. You would not believe this house. 5 room, basement and garage and all stacked to the ceiling. I don't think the man ever passed up a lamp as there are at least 500 in the house. As we clean out and uncover it will be like opening Christmas packages. Can't wait.
We are taking a semi truck and pull trailer this week to start the process. Will take about 10 days to clean it out. Will post picts as we go along to let you see what we find.
Also visited the flee market while there and found a lady cleaning out her home and purchased some wonderful glassware for a steal. Some of the dishes, the plates in front of the picts. came from the old house. The beautiful piece of Capodemonte was in the Lady's home. She is Italian and had many pieces she had brought from Italy.
Come back often to peak at my treasures.
I will have enough item to paint on for 5 years, Yippeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The other Moms in my life

The day I became a Mom was one of the most wonderful days in my life, I so remember when the nurse put Stacey in my arms for the first time. There were so many emotions I couldn't begin to explain how I felt. Stacey was born in 1972 while Darrell and I were living in Florida, We moved back to West Virginia before she started School. She was such a pleasure growing up.

Another wonderful time in my life is when she made me a Mamaw. Miranda was born in 1993 just one week after my Mom passed away. She has been and still is the light of our life. Darrell and I have helped to raise her so she is as much my daughter as she is Staceys but she knows just how to work Mamaw and Papaw. lol! She is our joy and will be 15 this fall.

Another wonderful day in my life was in 1977 when our son Joseph was born, He to has brought so much pleasure to our life. Both my Children are such loving and Caring people. Joe met a wonderful young lady named Michell and they were married is 2004. Michelle lost her Mom at a very young age. I try very hard to fill in for her and know she is looking down to see the wonderful family she has, And now we have another young Lady in our family. Our sweet little Madison was born in 2005. She makes us young again. So wonderful to see the world again through the eyes of a child. Our little family bring so much happiness to Darrell and I.
I am very Happy to introduce you to them and Wish both
Stacey and Michelle a Happy Mothers Day. I love you very much.

Happy Mothers Day

A Tribute to My MOM

Today being Mothers Day brings back so many wonderful memories on my Mom.

She was born Leona Basham in 1923 in Hinton, West Virginia, She became Leona Godfrey when she married my Dad in 1942. She grew up During the 20's and 30's with seven sisters, Her dad passed away when she was only 13 years old. Her Mother had a very hard time bringing up eight girls alone.

There are seven children in our family, 4 boys and 3 girls. She was a wonderful mom, always there for us. Up every morning with breakfast on the table before we left for school. She tried very hard to raise us with honesty and integrity.

After I married and had my children she and I became neighbors also and lived beside each other of 16 years, She worked, owned and operated a country store with two of my siblings, She was not the kind on mom who cooked for you on Sunday as she always ate her meals with us. One of the things I remember the most is every evening as I cooked for my family I would call her when it was about ready and she would ask what are you having, I would tell her and she would usually say, I will see what Connie, and Sheila ( sister and sister-in-law) are having and let you know. lol! She would always had her choice as to which she would eat with. We were always so happy to cook for her as she had done more than her share of cooking when we were growing up.

We spent many many days on shopping trips where we would leave by 9 a.m. and not get home until 11 p.m. She got to travel very extensivly in her later years, spending her winters in California. She traveled on many trips with us, and we had so many family outings and picnics together.

Christmas was her favorite holiday as our whole family always spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day together, usually in her home. We still spend the holidays together to this day. All seven of us live with in a few miles of each other and see each other daily.

She passed away in 1993 at the age of 70. She spent the last two years of her life as a bed patient and lived in my home. With the help of all my family we took care of her and enjoyed every minute of it, I am go glad I got to return a little of what she did for me. She passed away one week before my first granddaughter was born. I have always told Miranda that Mom is her guardian angel. She has 13 grandchildren.

I hope you are enjoying your Mothers day and have great memories of your Mom and are making great memories with your children. I am waiting for my two to call me today.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Busy

Darrell and I are getting back to work to get ready for our fall shows, He in the wood shop and I in my studio, We are working on some wonderful new creations so be sure you take a look at the web site, These little silver plate trays are a few of the things I have worked on the last couple days. I decoupaged the victorian lady to the tray and surrounded her with hand painted roses, Will be a beautiful addition to a wall decoration. I add one to my dining room.

This is another design of our Victorian memory boxes, Love these little trunks,

I found this beautiful vintage punch bowl on one of my junk hunting trips but it is truly not junk, It is absolutely beautiful. Aztec pattern by either L.E. Smith or McKee, not sure yet, hope to find out, If you know please let me know, I have a beautiful punch bowl already left to me by my mom so I would use this one for a salad bowl.

Darrell has been working hard the last couple days putting out our garden, Will show you in a few days, We have it in flower pots on the deck. Grow tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and lettuce.

My son and his family were home this week for a few days and we loved it. Got to spend time with our granddaughter Madison and let me tell you having a 2 years old around will surly make you feel your age, She is quick as lightning, Loves the out doors so she was in the front door and out the back before you could see her. She is beautiful and papaw and I love when she comes to visit. Will post a picture soon, Got to get the new ones.

Friday, May 2, 2008

May Day Swap

I chat with a fabulous group of ladies Called Pretty Romantic Homes and we decided to have a May day Swap. This was the first swap I have participated in. My partner was Nan from Calif. and these are a couple picts. of the great items I received, My favorite was a little package of the sweetest vintage valentines. I look forward to the next one.