Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Christmas in May for Me

We leave tomorrow to go to Ohio to begin the work to sort and clean out the house. I am so excited, will be like opening Christmas gifts. I will take picts. before we start as you will not believe how much stuff is in this house. I will also take picts. as we sort and pack it so you can see what we find. My brother has a trucking business so he is taking a semi box trailer down for us to load. I hope we can get it in one load with this and our pull trailer. We are going to sell right at the house as we clean it out and then bring the rest home to sell at our home and on ebay. Some will be on my web site, glass ware and such. I have already listed a couple bowls I brought home on our first trip. Won't be posting for a few days as we will probably be gone about a week.

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Holiday.

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