Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Busy

Darrell and I are getting back to work to get ready for our fall shows, He in the wood shop and I in my studio, We are working on some wonderful new creations so be sure you take a look at the web site, These little silver plate trays are a few of the things I have worked on the last couple days. I decoupaged the victorian lady to the tray and surrounded her with hand painted roses, Will be a beautiful addition to a wall decoration. I add one to my dining room.

This is another design of our Victorian memory boxes, Love these little trunks,

I found this beautiful vintage punch bowl on one of my junk hunting trips but it is truly not junk, It is absolutely beautiful. Aztec pattern by either L.E. Smith or McKee, not sure yet, hope to find out, If you know please let me know, I have a beautiful punch bowl already left to me by my mom so I would use this one for a salad bowl.

Darrell has been working hard the last couple days putting out our garden, Will show you in a few days, We have it in flower pots on the deck. Grow tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and lettuce.

My son and his family were home this week for a few days and we loved it. Got to spend time with our granddaughter Madison and let me tell you having a 2 years old around will surly make you feel your age, She is quick as lightning, Loves the out doors so she was in the front door and out the back before you could see her. She is beautiful and papaw and I love when she comes to visit. Will post a picture soon, Got to get the new ones.

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Connie said...

Judy, those are gorgeous!!