Friday, May 16, 2008

Treasures We Found

These are just a few of the treasures we unloaded and worked on today. I will be selling this stuff on ebay for the next two years and will have enough to paint on for about 5 years. See something you like let me know.


Secondhandrose said...

What a thrill! Judy , I am interested in pretty rose plates like the one on the top of the stack in your pic. I want to hang them in my newly painted dining room. Let me know what you come across.

Connie said...

Karen, I LOVE that one also!! I need to keep telling myself: I don't need any more plates, I don't need any more plates....... Judy, what would you sell that plate for?!?!?! Gorgeous stuff,

Miss Rhea said...

Did I tell you I have HUGE lamp fetish ? lol I would be in heaven right now and not be able to part with a single one. :)

Sharon said...

Judy what a haul, you will be in stock forever with all these beautiful finds.

I LOVE that tole tray and you know my collection is just screaming for another addition.