Saturday, June 7, 2008

How does your Garden Grow

Good Morning,
Can't believe I am finding the time to post two day in a row. We have had heat in the 90's for the last couple days and will be this way again today. Darrell has spent the last few day getting out deck cleaned for the summer, He uses the pressure washer every year, We are really behind this year, with working on the old house. I love it when he gets it cleaned. Thought I would share our little garden with you. We have planted tomatoes, green peppers, and herbs in flower pot along the side of the deck. Have a couple small tomatoes already. Can't wait for crop to come in. We love fried green tomatoes so hard to let the first ones get ripe.

We put lettuce in the bird bath just to see how it would grow. It is doing great.

This is a clematis vine that grows at my front steps to the porch. I have great luck with then out front but haven't had much luck getting them to grow in back of the house.

This is the weeping mulberry tree in the front yard that I showed the bird nest in earlier this year befor it got full. The Robin and her little ones are up in the top of the tree.


Cathy said...

Judy, I adore your garden. I'm loving the lettuce in the bird bath. You're my kind of girl!!!


Susie said...

Judy, I love the lettuce growing in the birdbath! Now what gave you that idea? Ingenuity. Bravo!
The Polka Dot Rose

Connie said...

Okay, I've been trying to get hubby to plant lettuce in a pot by our patio so I'll just show him this! I'm lusting for your beautiful clematis. We've had nine in this desert and only 2 are surviving! Yours is gorgeous.

vickie said...

I love the lettuce in the birdbath, that pic needs to be in a magazine! Don't wear yourselves out too much with your truck of treasures!

Bertie said...

What a wonderful idea...putting lettuce in a birdbath. Looks great, too. Your garden is so lush!

I've TAGGED you, so come to my blog and see.

Aunt May's Cottage