Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help Me name Her

Well I finally decided to get a house cat, Has been many years since I had one in the house, When Stacey, my daughter was very young her Dad brought a little black kitten home from work one day in his hat, She named him Booger and we had him for years, She treated him like a doll and would dress him in doll clothes, I think that was the last one we had in the house,

We have traveled extensively in the last 10 years with the craft shows so was very hard to have a house pet. We have decided to not work the shows now so will be home more. Decided to get a kitten for company, Was a little hard to talk Darrell into it but he is so good to me he always gives in.

He brought him home from Tenn. last week. She came from a litter at my sons house, She is mixed breed but looks Siamese. Very pretty. She has been very scared and hid in the house for the first 3 days, She is house broke, which is great, Came out at night to eat and use the litter box. She is getting better every day and likes Darrell better than Me. Every time he sits down she is on his lap to be loved and will nudge his hand to pet her.

We haven't decided what to name her. If you have any suggestions let me know.

The other morning we spent hours in the house with the flash light looking for her. Later in the day when we found her she was up on the dining room chair under the dining table.

This is her favorite place to be.

Help me Name Her!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Isn't she pretty! I would name her something French (because of her French Blue eyes); Babette, Belle, Paris. What about Bleu Belle?

Jennifer said...

Judy She is BEAUTIFUL!!!I want her!LOL I would name her Michelle?

She looks exactly like our siamese cat, she lived to be 18 years old.
Oh I can't wait to see more pics of her.

Give her kisses and hugs from me.Hugs,Jen

trash talk said...

How about Scaredy Cat? I'm just being silly...she's too pretty for that name! Do cats respond to names as well as dogs? Growing up all our cats had the same name. Daddy called them all Cat. Real clever, huh? I'm sure you'll come up with a sweet name for such a beautiful kitty. Debbie

Marilyn said...

She is beautiful!! I know you will find just the right name for her.

Anonymous said...

How about you name that sweet baby "Sushi"?

Mary said...

She is lovely! I would name her "Rose" and call her Rosie for short! I want a kitty too, but I think the furry love of my life "Louie the dog" would think it is a chew toy. The box is simply beautiful! Too pretty to describe.

ann said...

I had a himalyian like her years ago.Her name was Angel when we got her.And it did fit her well...ann

Say It With Roses said...

She is so pretty, she looks like a Molly to me.....

Nancy said...

Samantha with Sammi for short. Because we had one who looked like that when my 22 year old son was a tot, someone stole her. We were so upset. Anyway, your cat is beautiful! So is your blog!

Michelle said...

She is soo pretty! My last siamese cat was named "cookie" and we named all of her kittens "crumbs".
My little siamese was also very timid but she was a very loyal cat once she befriended us.

Pearl said...

How about Sena? pronounced see-na.

KatCollects said...

Awwww, she is precious. Hey, we have a bunny named Precious and we call her Precie : ) I hope she is much more at home soon.

Denise said...

Oh Judy,
She is very pretty!
I think I would name her, Daffnie.
We have a beautiful cat named Demetri. He is a big part of our family. Then there are my two babies, my papillon pups, Misty and Max. We love our furry family members. Good luck with her. Can't wait to see what you name her.

That shabby Pink Girl said...

When I saw your Beautiful Cat I thought she looked like the color of pussywillows ~`so soft~~so my name for your Kitty would be ~WILLOW~
She is so pretty!

marian elizabeth
that shabby pink girl

Sweetpeamommie said...

I think Kashi.
Kashi means blue eyes in one of the Indian languages. (My ex had a blue eyed cat named Kashi. He had been in the peace corps in India)

Myra said...

What a darling kitty! I just love cats. I've had a number of cats over the years: pure white,startling blue eyes named Angel; part Burmese,part Siamese named Jotta (have no idea!She was named before I got her from a co-worker) we called her Jot; a calico, we called Callie; a beautiful grey and white we called Baxter; My daughter had a beautiful kitten that was so precious we called her Precious. And last but never least is my cat Smokey. He is the best cat in the world -- he's almost human, I kid you not! He's a beautiful dark gray. For your cat, I suggest Abby, or maybe Lucy, or how about Honey? Anyway, I'm sure you'll find just the correct name for her.

Angela said...

Hey Judy! It sure is nice to meet yet another blogger from West Virginia and one that still lives here to! I had a cat that looked just like your cat. She lived to be 21 + years! She didn't have any vet care or anything. No special diet. She ate some things that she killed for herself. Just a good ole WV cat. Her mother was black and didn't want anything to do with her when she was born because she was white. Mother cat must had been a racist! lol I made her feed that little kitten. I was married a few years later and the cat stayed with mom. She had to be at least 21 before she just didn't come home anymore this past year.
Anyway, I had a cat one time that was named Boogie. She seemed to just love her name. We had another cat named Bird. One named Kitty Love. Well, that's just a few names that I can remember from our cat family from way back then. We don't have any cats at our farm. They would eat the rabbits and my birds. lol I don't really like a cat indoors especially when younger children still in the house.
I live midway between Charleston and Huntington.
Thanks for joining my blog! I try to feature some of my family tree information, recipes that I make and like, and anything to help promote travel in Almost Heaven West Virginia!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

She is Beautiful!! I don't know why, but "Lacey" is coming to mind......

Happy Pink Saturday,
Angelic Accents

Llyn M said...

I had one JUST like her when I was a teenager. Her name was Pywacket from the movie Bell, Book and Candle with Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Llyn M ♥

CatHerder said...

Oh she is beautiful! My lilac point Siamese was named Sushi!...ps great blog