Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You have to See This

When I walked out of the house this morning and saw this beautiful site I knew I had to get the camera and share it with you. We had rain last night and this morning so the water on the web made it show up so well. Standing on my front porch this tall pine tree is about 25 feet out in my yard. The spider had spun this awesome site off the tree but it looks like it is just hanging in mid air. It is about 3' across. The building behind it is a least 100 feet away, even though is looks as thought it is right behind the web. I hope I have explained it correctly. Our weather has been in the 50ies this week and we have the heat on.
I love it when it first gets cold enough to turn the heat on as the house feels so toasty. And even better I have beef stew in the crock pot today and the house smells wonderful. Going to make some corn muffins to go with it. Can't wait for supper. Hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am.

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Connie said...

Hmmmm, then wonder how it is "hanging" there, sweets?!?!?!?

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey! Well, I wouldn't normally think that a spider web was pretty...but I'll have to tell you...this little spider is very talented! LOL! I think her work is very reminds me of my beloved doilies that I love to collect. Great post. I am in Northwest Florida and it's gonna get 49 tonight, I am looking forward to that! Stay toasty! Have a great evening! I hope it's okay that I added you to my blog list.

Miss Rhea said...

That is really neat !! :)

Katie said...

Oh Judy, what a beautiful sight. I love spiders, they are so fascinating to me. I'll have to tell you about Boris in PRH! Anyway, thank you for sharing that lovely photo. Can I "steal" it and put it on my desktop? That is, if I can stand to not have Syllah May's picture on there!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

INCREDIBLE!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Judy That spider web is so cool.I noticed them here in my part of WV wed, while waiting for the bus with the boys.I said to them, wouldn't it be neat to sprinkle glitter on the wet webs for sparkle? They looked at me like I was nuts.LOL

Its in the low 40 here.Lots of fireplaces burning I can smell it in the air.I love it?Hugs,Jen

g said...

Oh, my. It looks like it was crocheted!

Neabear said...

That is a beautiful picture of a spider web. Sometimes you get lucky and catch nature at its best. That happened with me with a sunrise picture last winter.

vickie said...

Wow, Judy, that was one busy spider! Nice picture!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Judy! What an awesome photograph!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents