Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At The Auction

If You have never been to an auction it is a real experience. We were there on this past Saturday evening, It is held in Claypool Hill, Va. which is about an hour and 15 minutes from home. They have regular auctions every weekend and once a month they have an antique auction. This was for antiques, They had more than 700 items and it was all sold in about 5 hours. It starts at 5 p.m. You register when you arrive and are given a number and a paddle which has your number on it. Open at 12 noon so you can look over all that is for sale. Every item has a number and you can make a list of the items you are interested in and want to bid on. Auction starts at precisely 5 p.m. and it does not slow down. Many workers on the floor and they move very fast. As soon as one item sells the floor moves to another location, another worker and the sale goes on. You must pay close attention, especially if two item you like are sold one after the other. People are talking all around you and up walking the floor, It is so amazing and fun. You have to watch about even scratching you head as you may be putting in a bid. lol! If you ever get the opportunity you should go at least once.
I had to make myself not bid on anything as I already have so much to take care of now, but I will be returning as I love it.
We sold a few items in this one but left before the auction was over, so will have to wait until I get the papers in the mail to see what they sold for.
They sold some beautiful antique furniture and some that would have been perfect to give the shabby look. I never paint on an antique if it is in great condition as it destroies the value, unless, it is something I really want for my home. Beautiful glassware and dishes, art work, quilts and so much more. The pictures will give you a little look at some of the items. They also sold a Cadalic Car and an Amish Buggy.


Bertie said...

Wish I had been there. I see lots of things I would have bid on. Not that I NEED it either.

Aunt May's Cottage

Connie said...

Nuuuuuuu, I've never been to a real auction! I must remedy that some day I suppose.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Judy, thanks so much for stopping by. I'd love to come and shop out of your 18 wheeler. Can you bring it to Texas? Smiles, Theresa

Secondhandrose said...

Auctions are terribly fun aren't they!? It's fun just to sit and watch. Thanks for sharing your day.