Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got it right this time

Good Morning,

I finally figured out how to do it. Found a program to do the collage that works for me.
I can remember years ago when I decided to learn the puter. It was in the 80ies when the program was Dos. I purchased a puter for my business and for my children, I cleared the hard drive 3 0r 4 times trying to learn. Would have to go back into Radio Shack and have them to reinstall it. I gave up, but my son did learn, of course children always do.

Then some years later when windows 98 came out I purchased another one and haven't stopped since. I am truly amazed at what this old lady has learned. Everything I would want to learn I would call my son, who was in college at the time and he would talk me through what I wanted to do. We spent many late night hours on the phone learning. Now I can usually figure it out but sometimes it takes me a while.

This is my first collage and I love it so I will be making many many more.

This is a shelf in the end of my kitchen that houses some of my cup and saucer collection. Yes! another collection.

I am so luck my hubby, Darrell is a wonderful woodworker, I can just tell him what I am thinking of and he will make it for me. I had about 8" of space at the end of a cabinet where my oven is, He put the shelf there for me. I painted a design of blackberries down the side. Along with the cups I have a small collection of crystal salt and pepper shakes.

Hope you enjoy.

Hugs, Judy


Connie said...

If you did DOS I'm truly impressed, honey; that was a bear to do! But the collage turned our wonderful today!!!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

So what program did you use to do your wonderful collage? I'd like to do some also. Thanks, Esther

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. I finally got my working too. I had done some in the past and then something didn't work and with help from the server got it. I would love to join your giveaway.

Secondhandrose said...

Judy, you are ahead of me. I haven't learned the collages yet. Go girl.


Jennifer said...

Judy That is great and your kitchen is so pretty.Love the shelf Darrel made ya.
I wish my boys were into computers so they could help me.I tried using picnic and my computer won't even load it.Guess its to old or dial up not sure?I amazed it even works on photobucket at times.LOL Hugs,Jen

Bunny said...

Oh I love your mosaic, what program did you use if I may ask?
I do have Photo Shop and love it but if you are using something easier I would love to know.

Gingerbread said...

Good for you. I do like your shelf. Julie.C

Anonymous said...

They say, with technology - it makes even more bigger gap between parents and their kids. But nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo. See, you and your son get to talk plenty because of it. I think it's adorable.

Also, amazing how technology grows. DOS, hhhmmm isn't it hard to type and type commands? But now, all one has to do is click, click, click LOL


Graceful Rose said...

I am a little late getting here, but I made it. I would love to sing my auctions, but I might run everyone off, ha! I love your collage, may I ask how you did it or what program. I am like you, determined to learn everything I can, but this old lady is slow, so I need all the help I can get. Have a great day.