Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday night at the Auction

There is a wonderful auction house in Richlands Virginia that Darrell and I love to visit when we can. It is about a hour and a half drive from our home. We decided to go this past Saturday. Usually when we are going I give myself a budget that I plan to spend for the evening, Well this week I shot that all to pieces. This is some of the dishes I purchased. Also purchased some furniture but it had to go in storage until spring, We are going to open a shop in the spring so I guess I can use this as an excuse for my purchases. Also found a fabulous rug to go under my dining table. I try not to go but once every couple of month as I would go broke if I went any more often. It is a country auction where the local ladies have a food stand and they sell everything from chicken and dumplings to pinto beans and all kinds of deserts. Is there a better way to spend the evening than a home cooked meal and an auction. They move so fast you can get lost very easy and bid on the wrong item. A true auction is a real experience and a barrel of fun.

This is a wonderful flow blue tea pot.
Vintage lemoges hand painted shoe
Fostoria candle sticks that I sold on Etsy just 15 minutes after listing.

Vintage China

All the rest are a total look at the dishes.

Don't you love the Cobalt Blue pieces.

My favorite is this flow blue soup tureen,

Well since I am in the business of selling you will find most of these pieces for sale on my web site, vintagetochic.com or on Etsy. Come visit me. They will go fast.

Hope you are having a great week.


Connie said...

I do soooooooo love those plates, Judy..... I don't need any more though according to Love Bunny! Lovely though, chickee......

vickie said...

Judy! Really beautiful pieces. Don't you hate to part with them?
Love the little shoes.

squawmama said...

Wow Judy the pieces are all absolutely fabulous... If I had a house I would be there buying... Thanks for sharing all that gorgeous china...


Shirley said...

Do you ever find yourself not wanting to part with some of the things that you purchased. Auctions are fun but I can't keep up with some of the people. We will be going to one in March mainly because it is family. I love your dishes. Shirley

Jennifer said...

,That aqua boot is beautiful!The candle sticks are so elegant looking.You found some wonderful deals.Hugs,Jen

Sharon said...

I love the fostoria and the flo blue, they are wonderful treasures for your new shop.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So many beautiful things. My favorite is the Fostoria candleholders. The delicate designs have always had a place i my heart!

Graceful Rose said...

Judy, I can see why you blew your budget. Great stuff. I would have done the same thing. My husband and I run and auction and I do all the "home cookin" so I can tell you we have standing room only all the time. It is rare to find pieces that nice though at our auction, although once in a while I get lucky. Have a great day.

Myra said...

I love all the things you got at the auction, especially the flo blue. I have a friend who started collecting pieces a number of years ago. She had a chance to buy a complete set of flo blue about 1987 for about $200, or something, but she was a recent widow and didn't feel she could afford it. She has rued that day a many a time! There's no telling how much one would have to pay for it these days. I know it's expensive! great buying, judy!