Friday, February 20, 2009

Share my gifts with you

Good Morning, Mark this one down, this is my second post this week, I am on a roll so watch out. LOL!

Want to share a couple of beautiful gifts I received for Valentines from two wonderful ladies I have become acquainted with.

The first is from Steph of Angelic accents, She and I have become very good virtual pal over the last year, I have purchased some gorgeous pink lamp shades from her for some of my lamps. She Has been very busy these last couple months with a new grandchild. We know how wonderful that is. She sent me the sweetest little cross stitch and framed valentine and a lovely little heart ornament, I will treasure them always and remember my sweet friend every time i see them. We belong to a wonderful group of ladies called our Romantic homes and my next gift also comes from the same group of ladies.

When I open this one I knew I was in for a treat, We had a valentine exchange in our little group and Miss Vickie was my partner, You can visit her at Visual by Vickie. As you can see each item was wrapped so beautiful.

Among all the goodies are pink Pasta, hot chocolate mix, beautiful pink sachet.

Pink petal for the bath, Wonderful warm pink footie's which I have enjoyed very much. A wonderful little girl ornament.

Red Doilies, and the sweetest little hand made paper doll all dressed in Red. And last but not least my favorite Giradella chocolate with Carmel. What more could a girl want.

I love participating in the exchanges, Let me know if you have one going on and I'll join you.
I missed doing something special for my 100th post so I am planning a big bang when I reach the 150 mark. Be sure you check in and join all the fun.


Connie said...

I've seen them already but they're still wonderful each time, honey. Especially that "chocolate" camouflaged as an ice cream cone! LOL

squawmama said...

Great gifts you have recieved... Have fun eating those chocolates...


Riet said...

Wonderful gifts Happy pink saturday

vickie said...

Glad you enjoyed everything, Judy.
I love that ice bucket you just painted, very pretty. Just finished looking at your web, yes you do have lamps!

Myra said...

What wonderful friends!! Now, Judy, you said "share" my gifts . . .but I didn't get anything!! LOL Now, if there's any of that that you shouldn't eat or don't know what to do with it, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands! Just doing my 'friend' duty!
LOL Myra

Myra said...

You have received really pretty and wonderful gifts on birthday... Thanks for sharing...