Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Past Work

Thought I would share a few of the pieces we have completed or sold in the past few months. This is a vintage cake cover on a ceramic plate. I have painted so many of these and each one different. They come in so many different designs. I love to paint on these.

Painting fruit is another favorite. in fact I love to paint so many different things it is hard to pick a favorite. This is a vintage metal bread box, vintage tea kettle and an old coffee pot converted to hold kitchen utensils.

I painted two of these for wedding gifts last summer for a niece and a nephew. Put their wedding invitation in the middle and they could put their wedding pictures in the other two. Very beautiful and a big hit.

This is another style of cake carrier or cover. Painted Gingerbread on this one.


Connie said...

Judy, you're doing super on your blog, sweetpea! I'm so proud of you.

Sharon said...

Very nice painting, I especially love the fruit items.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Beautiful painting. I am from PRH, so will add you to my PRH links! So wonderful to get to see your work!