Monday, April 14, 2008


A dreary day in the mountains today. Don't think it got out of the 40's today. Suppose to warm up again by wed. and I will be glad. Got to cover my lilac bush tonight so the frost won't get it. Just starting to bud. I love the blooms and i t smells so good.
Back in my painting studio today for the first time since Dec. Glad to be back to painting, Got to get started on inventory for the fall craft fairs. Always looking for new items. We have been working the Gatlinburg Craftsmen fair for over 20 years. The last two weeks in July and 20 days in October. I'll give you the exact dates as we get nearer to July. Started new project today and will give you a peek when it is finished. The picts. are a little of my booth at the fair last year.
Darrell has doctors app. tomorrow so we are off to Huntington, West Virginia for the day. We drive 100 miles each way to the doctors. We live in a wonderful place but very inconvenient for doctors and shopping. We have learned to live with it. Hope you all are having a blessed day.

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