Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not feeling so good today.

Boy do I have a horrible cold. We have all been sick around here. Seems like we have just passed it around for the past month. Can't seem to shake it. Darrell has been sick for about 2 week and just as he is getting over it, I get it. Really bad sore throat and cough. But unlike him, being a man, I went to the doctor yesterday, Gave me a shot of antibiotics and 2 meds. to take at home. Hope I don't suffer as long as he has. If I am not well it will postpone my lap band surgery for Monday. I sure don't want to have it done and have a bad cough as I think it would cause problems with the healing so guess it will be a couple more weeks before I get it done. Don't feel so bad today just coughing a lot.

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