Friday, April 25, 2008

My art studio

Thought I would share a little of my work studio with you. This is where I do my painting. It is a little room on the back of Darrell's wood shop. Only about 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Just about the right size. For year I had a large studio up stairs over the shop but we decided to turn it into an apartment and my oldest brother lives there. Darrell created this for me and I moved in it in 2006. I have a building just outside the door where I store all my supplies and keep my inventory. I have a room inside my home that I use as a studio for sewing and other work. Painting can get messy so I keep the two apart.

This is Darrell's wood shop. I debated as to show you or not because it is so messy but he says it is his and he knows where everything is located. A typical man for you. He makes patterns for anything we make so when I want it again it is easy to produce. These are hanging on the wall. Maybe when he see I have shown it he will clean it up a little. Hey! a girl can hope.


rosechicfriends said...

yHi Judy...Love to see where you work and create. I am in the process of a re-do and combiniing my 2 rooms...can't wait to get it done. Also, just love your purple flowers!


Connie said...

Well, I like it, honey! I'd take it in a heartbeat..........

shirl said...

Very nice studio Judy, your hubbys work shop is fab!

vickie said...

Wow Judy, what a wonderful workspace for you both! So nice to be able to have all the space and tools you need available to you when doing your crafts.

Secondhandrose said...

Hi Judy, that is a huge space to me! And it is nice you both have your own spaces.