Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring is my Favorite time of the Year.

Things are finally getting back to normal around here. After taking our grand children home over the week end I spent the last two day at doctors app. and the hospital doing the pre opt for my lap band surgery. I am anxious to get on with it now. Got to talk to a nurse at the hospital who had it done in October and has lost 55 pounds now. She said she wish she could have had it done 30 years ago. She is age 60 so just a few years older than me. Mine is scheduled for April 14. I will keep you posted as I go along on this journey. I hope to have most of my weight off by Christmas.

Darrell has spent the last few days spring cleaning the yard. Was about 70 degrees yesterday. Flowers are starting to bloom. This is my favorite time of the year, nothing better than to wake up in the morning with the sun shining and to hear the birds singing. We have a large deck on the back of our home and enjoying entertaining in the summer. Darrell, as most men, likes to cook on the grill, We have an outdoor kitchen on the deck.

This old fashion bleeding heart bush is beside my front steps. I have pink on one side and white on the other. They are so hardy and easy to grow and last quiet a while. Beautiful bloom. Also have a weeping mulberry tree in the front yard that I love. I will get a picture of it when it is full.

I have been working today on a new heart sachet. Will get them pictured tomorrow so I can show you one.

Got some work to do on the web site. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


Secondhandrose said...

Good luck on your surgery and thanks for the spring pics. Come for a visit.

shirl said...

Beautiful Bleeding Hearts Judy, I love that plant and have not tried to grow them yet. Good luck with your surgury! Prayers to you!
Shirls Rose Cottage