Monday, July 14, 2008

First show of the year

The year has passed so fast I can't believe we are ready for our first show of the season. Darrell always jokes that after the fourth of July that we only have two weeks before winter, Sure seems this way. The older we get the faster the time goes by. Can you remember when we were young and in school ( yes it was a long time ago, lol!) we thought the school year would never be over so we could get to the summer. This is a reminder that we have our 40 year class reunion this year, Where did the years go? If our body would just keep up with our mind we would be 21 forever.

We leave tomorrow for Gatlinburg, Tennessee to work our first show of the year, The Gatlinburg Craftsman fair, We have been in this show for well over 20 years, We will open on Friday the 18th and close on Sunday the 27th. If you are visiting the area be sure you come by and visit us. We are in the Gatlinburg Convention Center in town. Our booth is 1212. We will also be there for 18 days in October, This is one of the best quality craft fairs you will find in the country. The promoter is wonderful to work with and keeps a great mix of quality work in the show. Hope to see you there. Just stop by and introduce yourself. We have worked shows up and down the east coast for the past 20 years or so but now only work this one 2 times a year. This may be our last year for it also. Will have to wait and decide.

The other great thing about the show is we will be visiting and staying with our children who live there and our granddaughter Miranda who has been with us since the first of June will be returning home on this trip. We are lucky as our children live bedside each other so we get to visit with everyone at the same time.

The picts. are from the show for last year. I will get more for this year and post later and let you know what is new and interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! Thank you for visiting my site. You are a wonderful painter! I had a craft business for about 15 years and I also paint roses. For the past 5 years I have been a teacher. Someday, I will get back to painting. I wish you great success at the craft fair! Your items are just beautiful.

Connie said...

Good luck with all your treasures, my sweet vintage cherub!

Mlou said...

I visited your site and just loved it. What a wonderful talent! Mlou