Thursday, July 3, 2008

You won't believe the lamps

So amazing and hard to believe. I have more than 50 lamps sitting in my dining room. This is what is under the window. Most of these came from one closet in the old house. There was a closet in the bathroom that went back over the basement stairs and we found 55 lamps in this one closet, stacked like firewood and the newspaper they were wrapped in was from 1984 so had been in the closet for over 25 years. Most of these are glass bases and Victorian style. I cleaned them and took all the electrical parts out so Darrell could rewire them. This is just a drop of what we will have. Catch you later!

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Connie said...

Oh, I BELIEVE ya, my sweet chic chick! I know how many trips you made to get that "stuff"!! Happy 4th