Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home at Last and so Glad

We arrived home on Monday and so glad. There is no place like home and sleeping in our own bed. Spent yesterday getting every thing sorted and put away and getting my laundry done. Of course the grass is high and Darrell spent the day today working on it. Going to get some mums in the flower boxes for fall. Our little garden is beautiful. Tomatoes are loaded and we have green peppers and cucumbers. We picked green tomatoes before we left and took with us. We had fried green tomatoes at my sons house. We really had a great time visiting with our granddaughters for 2 weeks. Madison will be 3 in Sept. After spending time at her house it is hard for her to understand where Mamaw and Papaw are when we leave.

Now to the show, We have been working this show for about 22 years and it has been going on for 32 years. This was the lowest attendance and sales in the history of the show. This is a tourist town. You could tell the people who were there were having to watch what they were spending. I am hoping the problem was everyone traveling and needing the money for expenses. I think the local shows will be the best this year as people do not have to travel far to get to them and will have more spendable cash. I think there will be more shopping on line until the economy changes, the sales on my web site is really good.

We have decided, due to some health problems for Darrell that we are not going to work any more shows this year, just concentrate on the web site, sorting all the stuff from the old house and selling on ebay. We are listing daily on ebay so be sure you take a took.

I am looking forward to Pink Saturday and getting back into blogging. Hope you are having a great summer. Drop me a line and let me know you came to visit.

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Connie said...

Well, we're glad to have ya back, sweet chick! We missed ya!