Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can you tell me what it is.

I am busy, busy, sorting and cleaning thing from the old house. I have so much it is a little overwhelming. So many items that I have no idea the value and some I don't even know what they are. These are two I cam across this week. Maybe you can help me to figure out what they are.
The first one is some kind of dispenser. The handle on the top is a pump and a spout on the front. It has a dispenser pipe down in the bottle. Over all it is only 11" tall and about 7" across. the glass jar is just 4" tall. Let me know if you can identify this for me. I am thinking it is some kind of lotion dispenser.

This is a some kind of jar on the stand, and to dispense whatever is inside you need to push up on the small needle like piece on the bottom. I am thinking since it has a plastic top that it is not very old but I may be wrong. Help me figure out what it is and used for.

We have had rain nearly every day this week. Darrell and I started today in the studio to get some merchandise ready for our first show this year. We leave for Gatlinburg, Tenn. for the Craft Fair on the 15 and the show opens on the 18. I tell you more about it as we get closer.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4 of July with family and friends.


Connie said...

Great finds but I haven't a clue what it is, sweet chick.

vickie said...

Judy, the second one is a decanter for wine. I've seen them in stores like TJMax, I don't think the plastic lid is the original lid.

Deborah said...

I think you have a liquor despenser. I have an old one!

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The first one looks like an old garden atomizer sprayer.. My grandfather had one similiar to it and one of the magazines had an article in May I think... maybe Country Living. They are quite collectible these days.
Not sure though...